Dolce Rose captures the fun and happy attitude of the Dolce girl in a fragrance as lively and daring as she.
The One Gold with mouthwatering fruity top notes illuminate the exuberant floral heart of the fragrance, where rose superessence combines with sensual jasmine and lively lily of the valley to create a luminous feminine bouquet.
Dolce Lily is the new fruity-floral fragrance that combines pink lily with passion fruit and a background of musks.
An enigmatic and unconventional fragrance with a feminine, floral heart of sweet orange blossom, lily of the valley and softly spicy carnation.
A gentle, feminine mix of white flowers leading to a sensual signature scent.
A delicate solar bouquet with the power to make every woman radiant.
Fresh, free and deliciously feminine, this scent is a cheerful riot of colour and sparkling energy.
The fragrance that blends citrus and cream with the frangipani blossom.
A warm, oriental floral eau de parfum with modern sensuality.
The surprising combination of violet and coffee gives life to an enchanting floral scent: The Only One.
Alluringly feminine and irresistibly seductive, its signature lies in the surprising combination of dazzling gold orange blossom contrasted with hypnotizing black vanilla.
Neroli top notes give way to a potent floral heart and vanilla base notes.
A harmony of contrasts, with subtle top notes yielding to an intense heart.
A vibrant expression of strong femininity, character and individuality.
Lively top notes evoke a Mediterranean summer, softened by a gentle floral heart.
Light Blue Eau Intense, a concentrate of feminine sensuality.
This majestic scent is a vibrant crescendo of citruses, ignited by fiery aromatics and underpinned by sophisticated and sensual woods.
The One Luminous Night, the fragrance inspired by the captivating contrast between the deep blue night sky and the blazing gold stars set within it.
The One For Men Gold with the vibrant energy of sparkling citruses evolves to a powerfully masculine heart of aromatic clary sage and crisp Egyptian geranium essence.
K by Dolce&Gabbana Eau de Parfum now reveals a new spiciness and a stronger woody base.
A woody, aromatic and intense fragrance that represents the intensity of the Dolce&Gabbana man.
A spicy oriental perfume, developed with tobacco and boisé base notes.
A deeper fragrance experience from the world of The One.
Intensely masculine, it finds its magnetic appeal in a daring fusion of opposites.
This more intense and spicy fragrance from the world of The One offers an olfactory journey to the Middle East.
This spicy fragrance from the world of The One offers an olfactory journey to the Middle East.
Fresh citrus notes give way to an aromatic heart and a sensual woody base.
A perfume capturing the fresh, spicy, sensual scents of the Mediterranean.
Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme, a concentrate of masculine freshness.
A golden pyramid of sweet, fragrant lemons, grown under the sunrays of the Sicilian coast.
A symbol of love, fruitfulness and positivity that recalls the sweet aroma of Sicily’s iconic citrus groves.
A fragrance that encloses the sweet facets of pineapple enhanced by Sicilian mandarin.
A citrusy floral essence that reflects the contrasted beauty of the island that inspires it.
An olfactory celebration of the fusion of east and west. Patchouli symbolizes this rich exchange of cultures.
An olfactory embroidery with the enveloping, smooth, floral Lily of the Valley at its heart.
The scent of eternal Sicily, where East meets West to create pure beauty.
A modern interpretation of the most ancient and mystical ingredient of perfumery: incense.
An opulent woody oriental scent enhancing the amber accord and gold-hued ingredients.
The woodyness of the Italian Cypress inspires the new fragrance, Velvet Cypress.
A floral spicy scent inspired by the Mediterranean Broom flower.
A tribute to the joyful scent of orange blossom in Sicily.
A hypnotic perfume, rich and textured, with a retro touch.
A decadent explosion of intoxicating frangipani, gardenia and tuberose.
Scents of a Mediterranean summer with a sense of refined elegance.
An emotional tribute to Dolce&Gabbana's most beloved flower.
A sensual and elegant scent, with a heart of black leather accord.
The sophisticated scent of blooming yellow Mimosa
A tender, velvety rose perfume carrying the whisper of the Orient.
A smoky scent inspired by the hidden treasures of the Middle East.