Combining elegance, love and tradition, lace is the most sensual of Dolce&Gabbana’s codes; each precious strand intertwined and revealing its own seductive story.

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes brow powder duo brunette 2 formula shot

    Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo


  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes intenseyes taupe 5 formula shot


    TAUPE 5

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes intenseyes nude 2 formula shot


    NUDE 2

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes emotioneyes eyeliner stylo nero 1 formula shot

    Eyeliner Stylo

    NERO 1

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes passioneyes intense volume mascara nero sicilia 1 formula shot

    Passioneyes mascara s


  • dolce and gabbana make up face secret veil hydrating radiant primer formula shot

    Secret Veil Hydrating

    Radiant Primer

  • dolce and gabbana make up face gloriouskin perfect luminous creamy foundation nude 120 formula shot

    Gloriouskin Perfect Luminous Creamy Foundation

    NUDE 120

  • dolce and gabbana make up face solar glow ultra light bronzing powder desert 40 formula shot

    Solar Glow Ultra-light Bronzing Powder

    DESERT 40

  • dolce and gabbana make up face blush of roses peach 400 formula shot

    Blush of Roses

    PEACH 400

  • dolce and gabbana make up lips the lipliner ruby 3 formula shot

    The Lip Liner

    RUBY 3

  • dolce and gabbana make up lips the only one lipstick DGAmore 640 formula shot

    The Only One

    #DGAMORE 640

  • dolce and gabbana make up nails the nail lacquer lover 630 formula shot

    The Nail Lacquer

    LOVER 630

  • STEP 1:

Hydrate and prep the skin with Secret Veil Hydrating Radiant Primer.


  • STEP 2:

Apply Glouriouskin Perfect Luminous Creamy Foundation on cheeks, forehead and chin. Blend using The Foundation Brush for a flawless and radiant complexion.


  • STEP 3:

Sculpt the face gently using Solar Glow Ultra-Light Bronzing Powder. Use The Kabuki Powder Brush for a precise application.


  • STEP 4:

Add Blush of Roses 400 Peach to enhance cheeks.


  •  STEP 5:

Define the lips using The Lipliner in Ruby 3. Fill with The Only One Lipstick in the shade #DGAmore 640.


  • STEP 6:

Get a natural eyebrow look, using Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo in Natural Brunette 2 to groom and fill in the brows.


  • STEP 7:

Apply Intenseyes in the shade Taupe 5 in the outer corner and then use the shade Nude 2 along the waterline and uder the brow bone to wake-up the gaze.


  • STEP 8:

Apply The Emotioneyes High Definition Eyeliner Stylo on the upper lashline as an eyeliner to intensify the gaze with an iconic catliner.


  • STEP 9:

Give the eyes that extra volume, using a generous coat of Passioneyes Mascara in the shade Nero Sicilia 1.


  • STEP 10:

For a final touch, paint your nails with The Nail Lacquer in Lover 630.