Dolce&Gabbana Beauty introduces a new universal liquid highlighter: Solar Glow Universal Illuminating Drops.

Capturing the essence of a healthy, luminous Mediterranean glow, the Illuminating Drops naturally bring freshness and incredible shimmer to the skin.

With its weightless and buildable water-based gel formula, the Solar Glow Universal Illuminating Drops is simple to use and its universal shade matches every skin tone.

Enriched with Mediterranean Glow Complex, this glow-giving elixir naturally leaves the skin refreshed, plumped and illuminated throughout the day.

As a final touch, Solar Glow Universal Illuminating Drops radiates with the Solar Glow fragrance, a floral-oriental scent inspired by the Sicilian sun, transporting the wearer instantly to the landscapes of the Mediterranean.



Created for women who wish to capture the natural and luminous Mediterranean glow.



- Simple to use & universal shade that matches every skintone

- Glow-giving primer without coverage

- No transfer & traceless application

- A 60% water texture that gives lightweight sensation to the skin

Solar Glow Universal Illuminating Drops can be applied in multiple ways for a truly customizable experience:
1. Mixed with moisturizer: for natural skin radiance

2. Mixed with foundation: for a fresh or shimmery glow, yet perfected complexion

3. Alone: to bring a soft and flattering highlight to bare skin

Sunlight 2


SOLAR GLOW Universal Illuminating Drops


Sunlight 2