The Passioneyes Intense Volume Mascara Look

Discover Passioneyes Intense Volume Mascara worn by Lily Jean Harvey in the advertising campaign. Get her fresh and youthful, energetic look that lasts all day. #BEAQUEEN!

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes brow powder duo brunette 2 formula shot

    Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo


  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes intenseyes shimmer 7 formula shot

    Intenseyes Creamy Eyeshadow Stick


  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes emotioneyes eyeliner stylo nero 1 formula shot

    Emotioneyes Eyeliner Stylo

    NERO 1

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes passioneyes intense volume mascara nero sicilia formula shot



  • dolce and gabbana makeup face secret shield protective smoothing primer formula shot

    Secret Shield Primer

  • dolce and gabbana makeup face preciouskin perfect finish cushion porcelain 100 formula shot



  • dolce and gabbana make up face dolce blush provocative 30 formula shot

    Dolce Blush


  • dolce and gabbana make up lips the only one lipstick lovely peony 220 formula shot

    The Only One Lipstick


  • dolce and gabbana make up nails the nail lacquer pink 220 formula shot

    The Nail Lacquer

    PINK 220

  •  STEP 1:

Apply Secret Shield Protective Smoothing Primer SPF50 PA++++ with fingertips to smooth pores instantly and transform the skin into a perfect canvas.


  • STEP 2:

Then, get a perfect natural matte finish thanks to Preciouskin Perfect Finish Cushion Foundation. Press the sponge on the mesh and apply on the face in delicate dabbing motions or use the retractable Kabuki Retractable Face Powder Brush.


  • STEP 3:

Add a touch of colour on the cheeks with Dolce Blush Creamy Cheek & Lip Colour in Provocative 30.


  • STEP 4:

Give the eyebrows a subtle fill, using Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo in Natural Brunette 2.


  • STEP 5:

Apply Intenseyes Creamy Eyeshadow Stick in shade Shimmer 7 on the eyelids and give it a soft blend.


  • STEP 6:

Draw a small wing using Emotioneyes Eyeliner Stylo in Nero 1 to give the eyes more intensity.


  • STEP 7:

Give your lashes instant volume with Passioneyes Intense Volume Mascara in Nero Sicilia 1: apply the new creamy formula with the hourglass applicator from base to tip, for long-lasting, buildable and intense volume.


  • STEP 8:

Get an elegant nude lip look by applying The Only One Lipstick in Lovely Peony 220 all over the lips.


  • STEP 9:

As a final touch, apply The Nail Lacquer in Pink 220.