Coming from South America as the symbol of welcome and hospitality, the pineapple came to Sicily and became a strong symbol in the island’s decorative arts and architecture.

This fragrance perfectly captures the sweet tang of pineapple using Smell-the-Taste® technology*, a cutting-edge technique developed to vividly translate living aromas into fragrances.



A splash of juicy Sicilian mandarin oil enhances the accord of pineapple, while the radiant scent of sun-soaked jasmine sambac creates an exotic, seductive heart. As a final touch, addictive pure vanilla absolute brings out the spicy sensuousness of the orchid pod, accented by facets of amber and moss.


*Smell-The-Taste™ technology is the translation of flavours from food and drink into fragrance notes for application in perfumery. Developed through close collaboration between flavourists and perfumers, Smell-The-Taste™ fragrance notes give taste, texture, emotion and innovation to perfume creations.