Solar Glow Universal
Radiance Drops


Flawless and effortlessly buildable, the Solar Glow Universal Radiance Drops create a light finish that brings a cooling effect to the skin. Combining the caring skincare ingredients of the Mediterranean Glow Complex and the antioxidant effects of Vitamin E to bring softness, comfort and an exceptional all-day hydration.



Created for women who wish to illuminate their skin with a natural “bare skin” effect.



- Easy to apply
- ‘Bare skin’ effect
- Flawless finish
- Illuminate and bring instant comfort to the skin with the Mediterranean Glow Complex

The new Universal Radiance Drops in Sunrise can be applied in multiple ways to create different desirable looks:
1. Mix with a daily moisturizer to enhance skin radiance.
2. Mix with foundation for a luminous “sun-kissed” finish.
3. Apply directly to the skin for a luminous touch of colour.

Sunrise 3


Solar Glow Universal Radiance Drops

Sunrise 3

Sunrise 3