Secret Veil


It all begins with the complexion: Secret veil Hydrating Radiant Primer SPF 30 is the essential first step in making it sublime.

Secret Veil makes the complexion radiant thanks to its two essential components:

1) Dolce&Gabbana’s Mediterranean Glow Complex for a natural glowing finish that cares and protects

2) Urbanethic, a cotton extract renowned for its anti-pollution properties.


With Secret veil Hydrating Radiant Primer, expect all-day make up wear and long-lasting comfort, complete with SPF30 protection.



Designed for women who want the perfect make up base.



- Fresh and instantly hydrated skin

- Smoothed and perfected complexion

- Extra comfortable, non-sticky effect

- Natural glow finish

- Mediterranean Glow Complex that cares, protects and enlightens

- SPF30 protection

To apply Secret Veil Hydrating Radiant Primer, lightly dab it onto your skin using your fingertips and massage onto the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

Secret Veil Hydrating Radiant Primer